Connecting businesses to new capital sources

Nimble optimizing working capital by extending payment terms while ensuring timely supplier payments, easily integrates into your existing workflow.

Empowering Every Transcation

Suppliers receive early payment on their approved invoices from a Third-Party
Funder, while Buyers lengthen their payment terms to such Suppliers,
paying the invoices to the Third-Party Funder at maturity. 

For Buyers

For Suppliers

How it Works

Nimble's platform empowers your company to preserve or extend payment terms, providing flexibility, while ensuring suppliers have the peace of mind knowing they can be paid promptly upon invoice approval through our innovative solutions.

Strategic Partners

Why Nimble

Tailor-made Solutions

Nimble offers customized solutions for your unique cash flow needs, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific requirements.

ERP Integration

Seamlessly integrate Nimble's platform with your existing ERP systems, streamlining processes and enabling efficient workflow compatibility.

Automated Process

Benefit from advanced automation features, simplifying and expediting the supply chain finance, saving time and increasing operational efficiency.

Optimize Financial Efficiency

Nimble's platform brings the ability to reduce redundant or unnecessary tasks and optimize resource allocation. This leads to significant savings in terms of both time and cost.

AI-driven Insights

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI) for data analysis, risk assessment, and predictive modeling, providing valuable insights to support your financial decisions.

Data Protection

Enjoy a high level of security and data protection through Nimble's platform, ensuring your financial transactions and information are safeguarded with robust cybersecurity measures. The platform is compliant with international security standards

Our Partnership with Calculum

Unlock the potential of your financial supply chain with Nimble’s partnership with Calculum. By collaborating with us, you gain access to a suite of powerful tools and insights that can transform your financial operations.

Data Driven Analysis

Compare your company to peers, assess trading partners, and identify growth opportunities. With clear guidance and benchmarking, boost cash flow, margins, and supply chain resilience.

Strategic Planning

We go beyond analysis, helping you plan customized optimization programs. Gain insights on each trading partner, negotiate terms, execute strategies, and track results effectively.

Efficient Execution

Seamlessly implement optimized strategies and monitor supply chain disruptions. Through data-driven insights, make informed decisions to enhance free cash flow.

Leading in Cyber Security

Nimble stands at the forefront of security regarding the financial system and ensures that every transaction and interaction is secured according to the industry-accepted ISO27001 standard.”