Our Story

No business, big or small, is immune to the ongoing challenge of managing payment processes and dealing with payment delays from suppliers or customers.

Nimble was born out of a genuine need for corporations and suppliers alike to develop a smart technological solution that enables semi-automated payment processes, improved cash flow, and enhanced profitability.

Nimble was founded by a group of entrepreneurs who aimed to develop AI-based automation technology for business payment processes.

Our goal is simple: to allow corporations to focus on delivering their services and products without disruptions, while improving working capital and liquidity, reducing risk, and strengthening the mutually beneficial relationships between the parties.

Our Team

Ziv Shilon

Ziv Shilon (CEO)

Ziv is a serial entrepreneur, with extensive experience across various industries, including Fintech, Health-tech and E-commerce. He is also a renowned public speaker and social activist, part of Forbes ‘30 Under 30’. Ziv served as a Captain in the IDF, where he was severely wounded in combat, achieving numerous awards and medals for his rehabilitation. Ziv holds an LL.B in Law from Reichman University.

Orr Komissar (COO)

Orr is a corporate lawyer, specializing in commercial law and regulation. He has experience in strategy consulting in the Tech industry, specifically with Google, among others, and as COO of a Fintech start-up. Orr served as a Deputy Battalion Commander (with the rank of Major) in the IDF and holds a Masters in Economic Policy from the London School of Economics.

Alon Patelsky

Alon Petelski - Head of Artificial Intelligence

Alon is a cyber researcher and internet entrepreneur with significant experience in the financial sector. He has extensive experience in researching and developing cyber solutions for various industries, with a focus on the financial sector. Alon served in the National Center for Encryption and Information (Metsub unit) and holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science from Reichman University.

Tal Zror (CFO)

Tal is a Certificated Public Accountant, with vast experience in credit and credit risk management, gained from his time at KPMG Israel, where he was part of the firm’s finance practice. Tal holds a BA in Accounting and Economics from Tel Aviv University.

Itay Levi

Itay Levi (VP Sales)

Itay brings 17 years of leadership experience across both business and private sectors, specializing in sales, marketing and business development. In his past roles, he managed the commercial department at Dun & Bradstreet and led the sales and marketing division at Aplicheck Foreign Finance Bank. Itay holds a degree in Psychology and Management.

Omer Sharaf – CTO

Omer is the Chief Technology Officer with significant experience in technology. He led the establishment and development of a product serving over 2 million global users. He holds an MBA and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

Yehuda Nevo – Head of Architecture

A graduate of the Mamram unit, a software developer and architect specializing in Data and AI development processes. Yehuda has experience in leading teams in developing data solutions for AmBev. He is responsible for leading the architecture and product domain, leveraging his extensive background.

Ran Persberg

Entrepreneur, CEO, and owner of Bulthaup Holdings. He has extensive international experience in marketing, branding, and strategy. He is a real estate and venture capital investor.

Roni Weiss

Entrepreneur, CEO, and owner of Weiss Holdings. He is a real estate and venture capital investor. He owns businesses in the fields of green energy, retail, real estate, and tires.