Our Solution

Our Solution

Harnessing Advanced Data Analytics

Deep Insights for Better Decisions

Nimble’s enhanced data analytics, starting from procurement, offers unique insights and benchmarking industry data . Enable more informed and strategic decisions understand supplier days, and gain up to 12% in free cash flow.

Data analytics photo
Data analytics photo

Bridging Supplier Days Gap

Nimble’s supply chain finance platform also acts as a lender, helping suppliers close the gap created by extended supplier days, ensuring smoother financial operations.

Scalable Supply Chain Solutions

Nimble provides a scalable tool, leveraging smart supplier relationship analysis for enhanced lending risk assessment, tailored to your enterprise’s unique needs.

Data analytics photo
Data analytics photo

Global Payment Solution - Powered by Nimble's Infrastructure

Nimble offers a comprehensive global payment solution, ensuring swift cross-border transactions, reducing fees, mitigating currency risks, and optimizing fund flows for better international financial management. Enhance global payments.

Nimble’s unique platform interfaces effortlessly with existing supplier portals,
ERPs, and vendor systems, simplifying your workflow and enhancing productivity.

Nimble’s platform offers real-time ERP integration, relationship-focused financing decisions, and robust cybersecurity, providing an accurate and secure approach to your supply chain finance needs.

Boost your cash flow

Nimble's AI-driven supply chain finance seamlessly integrates, underwrites, and secures every transaction.

Seamless Multi-Integration

Effortlessly connect with existing supplier portals, ERPs, and vendor systems, consolidating all workflows into one intuitive platform.

AI-Powered Underwriting

Harness the power of artificial intelligence for insightful risk assessments, leveraging relationship data and past transactions for smarter financing decisions.

Robust Cyber Security

Stay assured with top-tier cybersecurity measures. Nimble's direct ERP integration safeguards financial transactions, reducing the risk of potential fraud.

Tailored Early Payment Solutions

Designed specifically for large corporations, offering flexible early payment solutions that not only optimize cash flow but also enhance supplier relationships and loyalty

Strategic Planning

We guide tailored optimization programs based on your unique goals, providing comprehensive insights on trading partners for effective negotiation, execution, and tracking within your organization