Our Process

Our Process

Nimble’s platform enables businesses to seamlessly navigate the supply chain finance flow, from setup and invoice submission to accessing early payment options and ultimately settling invoices, ensuring efficient and effective financial operations.

Nimble’s Funding Process

Your Benefits:

Optimized Financial Flow
(For Suppliers)

Affordable Financing

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Rapid Payment Turnaround

Receive payments in as early as 24 hours for future-dated invoices, enhancing cash flow.

Enhanced Credit Facilities

Amplified borrowing capacities due to the creditworthiness of buyers.

Versatile Capital Options

A non-debt solution that seamlessly integrates with other early payment or lending setups.

Expanded Business Potential

Accept longer payment terms and manage bigger orders confidently, driving sales growth.

Enhanced Financial Strategy
(For Buyers)

Robust Supply Chain Liquidity

Bolster the financial stability across your entire supply chain, fostering long-term partnerships and consistency.

Adaptable Payment Dynamics

By broadening financing avenues for your suppliers, attain greater control over payment timelines, enhancing your Days Payable Outstanding (DPO).

Consistent Supplier Pricing

By facilitating affordable financing for suppliers, maintain a competitive and steady pricing framework.

Harmonious Integration

Effortlessly aligns with existing financial programs, such as SCF & Dynamic Discounting, offering a comprehensive financial solution.

Elevate Brand Perception

Champion the welfare of your supply chain partners through timely payments, enhancing corporate reputation and trust.

Invoice Life Cycle